Hello music lovers!  We’ve missed you….

As you can imagine, we’re desperate to bring NFEST back for the Summer of 2021. However, given that our original date (26-27 June) fell right after lockdown restrictions are due to be eased, we think it safer to delay this year’s festival a little, in order to give it the best possible chance of going ahead.

So fear not! We have a new weekend in mind (21-22 August) and we’re still planning to bring you our 25th Anniversary Special, featuring some of our best-loved and well-known acts from down the years.

But it’s by no means a done deal, so we need your help!

Due to the uncertainty around Covid-19 it’s very difficult for us to plan in the usual ways, so we’d love you to answer FIVE SHORT QUESTIONS, to help us figure our the best way to make it happen.

All your answers are anonymous and non-committal – at this stage we’re simply trying to understand how the delay might affect your willingness to attend and participate.

Please be honest – your festival may depend on it!

Click here to take the survey.

GOT A QUESTION? Check out our Festival FAQs:

Why the change of date? National lockdown restrictions are due to end ‘no earlier than’ 21 June (as government guidance) describes it. This will hopefully mean an end to any social distancing requirements. The organising committee have agreed that it would be too difficult for us to run the festival if social distancing requirements were still in place. Therefore we’ve decided to run the festival later in the summer, in the hope that any delays to the full lifting of restrictions will be over by the time NFEST comes around.

Is the Festival definitely going ahead in August then? 21-22 August is our preferred, provisional date. Our ability to deliver the Festival will depend on none or very low levels of Covid-19 restrictions still being in place at the time. And of course, on whether you want to come! Which is why we are running a poll on our Facebook page.

What do you mean by making a donation in advance, and online? Given the uncertainty around the festival this year, we can’t plan in the usual ways. Specifically, we don’t yet know whether we’ll be able to serve food and drink (though we sure hope so!). These refreshments are crucial to how we generate income from the Festival for the Village Hall – a registered charity – and if we can’t generate income this way then we’re likely to make a loss.

Another crucial source of income (if any unpredictable one) are the voluntary donations that we normally take on the door, but if we can receive this income a little earlier this year it’ll give us the confidence to go ahead an commit to our main running costs (our marquee and live music equipment hires).

So we might need your help. If we ask you for an advance donation, we’re likely to use a secure crowdfunding website – a bit like using JustGiving (which is a fundraising platform, but very similar). Crowdfunding is a great way of raising vital start up money for community projects. We’d have a specific fundraising target, and your money would not be taken until we’d hit that target and we knew the Festival would definitely go ahead. We would suggest an amount to donate, but you’ve be free to give what you wished.

We’ll provide more detailed guidance on how this works if we go ahead with the idea. But first of all, please tell us if you’d be prepared to support your festival in this way by completing the facebook poll. And even if you wouldn’t please still complete the poll – we still need to know! 🙂

Got another question? If there’s something else you’d like to know please email us with your question or leave it as a comment below, and we’ll update our FAQs with your answer here on this page.

Thanks for reading (and keep your fingers crossed for August)