Today the Needingworth Music Festival has launched its first ever crowdfunding campaign to help us cover some of the core costs of NFEST REWIND – our 25th anniversary celebration.

The Festival is due to go ahead on the weekend of August 21-22 but, as many larger festivals are also experiencing, even low levels of uncertainty due to the Covid-19 pandemic can mean organisers are forced to take on the kind of financial risks they wouldn’t experience in normal years.

This is equally true for community festivals such as NFEST, which is why this year the Festival Committee are asking those who would normally offer support through a voluntary donation on the door to ‘pledge’ their support early through a crowdfunding campaign. This will help organisers to ensure they have sufficient funds to cover the main booking costs – particularly the marquee – that allows the Festival to have two back-to-back stages and keep performers and music lovers dry in the event of any rainfall.

As Committee Volunteer Gethyn Williams explains “We decided to use crowdfunding because it’s the best way to manage the risk both to the Needingworth Village Hall Trust (the charity responsible for the Festival) and to our audiences. We didn’t want to ask the public for donations if there was any chance the Festival wouldn’t go ahead, but by running a crowdfunding campaign we can take ‘pledges’ – online promises to donate – that are only taken once we are 100% sure the Festival can run.”

Pledging through crowdfunding sites works much like donating through popular fundraising sites such as Just Giving. Those who wish to back the Festival make a financial pledge, effectively setting up a one-off, self-cancelling direct debit that is only triggered once the campaign hits its target and the Festival is confirmed. NFEST is using the Spacehive platform for its campaign, which specialises in supporting community-run initiatives such as ours.

“We’re asking all those who love our Festival, who want to support live music after a tough time or who simply value the contribution NFEST makes to village life to consider giving early this year” continues Gethyn. “It really will make a huge difference to our chances of success, in what has been an incredibly difficult year to plan our annual celebration of music and community.”

The campaign is live now and will run until Friday 20th August. Those wishing to back it should click here and follow the instructions. Further information on the campaign is also available via our FAQs post.